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Hobbling the Monitors

July 9, 2011 Harvard ILJ 3

The critical issue examined in this Article is whether a group of monitors explicitly created to hold governments to account can be subjected to a strong accountability regime controlled by those same governments, without destroying the independence that is considered to be the system’s hallmark.

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Finding Balance in the Attribution of Liability for the Human Rights Violations of U.N. Peacekeepers

June 28, 2010 Harvard ILJ 0

One point undergirds much of what follows and is therefore worth emphasizing
up front. In the article, I describe the extent and devastating impact of human rights
violations by U.N. peacekeepers. These violations are, of course, the central focus of
the debate at hand. Preventing such wrongdoing and providing appropriate remedy
when it occurs must be our guiding objectives. However, these violations must be
considered in context.