The Future of Sovereignty

Friday, March 7 2014

Harvard Law School

Welcome to the annual Harvard International Law Journal (HILJ) Symposium. This year, leading practitioners, public sector leaders, and academics will congregate on Harvard Law School’s campus to provide a balanced and informative discussion on the “Future of Sovereignty.” How has the concept of sovereignty evolved over time? In light of the new challenges that countries face to maintain powers deemed to be fundamental forms of state sovereignty, is this notion even relevant today? How is sovereignty affecting or challenging the evolution of international law?

The Conference will include a keynote speaker address and three panels to address the Symposium’s theme from different issue areas:

• Beyond State Boundaries: Challenges of International Law in Cyberspace
• Sovereignty and International Trade: Blurring State Frontiers Through Trade?
• Sovereignty and International Intervention: Responsibility-to-Protect and Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century

Through these panels and discussion, we hope to provide a platform for participants and attendees to engage in a constructive discourse on major issues of international law and sovereignty. We look forward to seeing you in March, and should you have any inquiry, please contact us at and


Michelle Ha and Sarah Lee