Student Note Submissions

General Information

The Harvard International Law Journal publishes one Student Note per issue. We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 60, Issue 2. Submissions are due December 21, 2018.

Only submissions from current Harvard Law School students and former students who graduated within the past year are eligible for consideration. LLM or SJD students from other law schools interested in publishing shorter pieces should consider submitting to ILJ Online

Student Note Format

Notes should be approximately 10,000-20,000 words, including footnotes. All footnotes should adhere to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation style guidelines from the most recent edition. Notes should also include an abstract of about 200 words, but a table of contents is not necessary.

HILJ publishes works that focuses on areas of public or private international law. Articles that cover issues in foreign or comparative law may be considered so long as they include an international law angle.

Notes will be evaluated based on the clarity of the writing, the strength of the argument, and the originality of the thesis. Notes will go through a comprehensive editing process, and authors should expect to make additional edits before publication.

Submitting Notes

All current HLS students and recent HLS graduates are welcome to submit a Note for consideration. To submit, please send a Word document format of your article and a resume to, with the subject line “Student Note Submission 60(2)” by December 21, 2018.

Authors may want to include a description of the Note’s contribution to a particular area of international law in the abstract or in the email accompanying the submission.

Students may also email with any questions throughout the year or to discuss potential Note topics.