Student Submissions

The Harvard International Law Journal publishes student notes between 10,000 and 20,000 words.

Students interested in submitting a piece of writing for consideration should sign up for the ILJ list-serv and watch ILJ emails for information regarding future submission deadlines. Students may also email for additional information throughout the year or to discuss potential paper topics.

All HLS students are welcome to submit a Note for consideration. Submissions should be approximately 10,000-20,000 words, addressing any aspect of international law. All footnotes should adhere to Bluebook style guidelines. Articles will be evaluated based on the clarity of the writing, the strength of the argument, and the originality of the thesis. Authors may want to include in the abstract, or in the email accompanying the submission, a description of the Note’s contribution to a particular area of international law. Notes will go through the standard editing process, and authors should expect to make additional edits before publication.

Only submissions from current Harvard Law School students will be accepted for publication.

HLS and other graduate students interested in publishing shorter pieces should submit to ILJ Online.