Volume 55, Issue 1

The PDF files for Volume 55 Issue 1 currently available are not final versions and are still undergoing processing by the publisher. Most of the changes will be cosmetic and will not affect the substance of the articles. 


State-to-State Investment Treaty Arbitration: A Hybrid Theory of Interdependent Rights and Shared Interpretive Authority
By: Anthea Roberts

The Democratic Life of the Union: Toward Equal Voting Participation for Europeans with Disabilities
By: János Fiala-Butora, Michael Ashley Stein, & Janet E. Lord

Unfriendly Unilateralism
By: Monica Hakimi

In the Shadow of Crisis: The Creation of International Courts in the Twentieth Century
By: Suzanne Katzenstein

Student Note:

Rule of Law in Afghanistan: Enabling a Constitutional Framework for Local Accountability
By: Carol Wang