The Harvard International Law Journal 2015 Symposium

by Harvard International Law Journal
2015-02-19 13:18:26

The Harvard International Law Journal invites you to its annual Symposium, to be held Friday, 2/27 from 12-6pm in WCC B010. This year's installment, titled "Borders and Cross-Border...

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The Sanctions Theory: A Frail Paradigm for International Law?

by Farshad Ghodoosi
2015-02-13 22:28:24

The paradigm that has shaped around economic sanctions suffers from profound contradictions. The aim of this piece is to dissect and deconstruct the sanctions theory, and to show its paradox...

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Going Nowhere: The Rhetoric of Warfare and Humanitarian Intervention in Global Law and Policy Debates

by John D. Haskell
2015-02-13 22:23:40

From Kosovo and Iraq to Syria and Crimea, the specter of military intervention is a core theme within international law and policy literature. Rather than address ‘warfare’ and ‘humanitarian...

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Indigenous Rights before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: A Call for a Pro Individual Interpretation

by Valerio de Oliveira Mazzuoli and Dilton Ribeiro
2015-02-13 22:17:57

In its traditional conception, international law regulates relations between sovereign states. This definition is challenged by current developments of international law, especially...

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The Role of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Wake of Kiobel

by Jodie A. Kirshner
2014-08-31 05:41:25

Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. has generated concerns that a governance gap will emerge for corporations that propagate human rights violations abroad. In Kiobel, the U.S. Supreme...

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